Gym Bag Weight Loss

A friend of mine recently joined an inexpensive, no frills gym in the city. No frills means exactly that –  no free products in the locker rooms here! In fact, there aren’t even towels available in the locker rooms. Finding herself stuck for ideas on how to pack her gym bag without breaking her back […]

Don’t be List-Less

Yes, it says ‘Shower’. Monday night I lay in bed, remembering the dozen or so little tasks I had forgotten to do during the day. Don’t get me wrong, my schedule is not packed, but having a very active 14 month old means I am limited to nap times to devote to all the usual […]

Notes from a Weekend

I had a lovely, relaxing weekend! I hope everyone got some great workouts in and had fun. I know my friend and past client Gillian killed it this weekend – I saw this photo on her Facebook Saturday morning: “10 miles before 10am. Officially done with winter treadmill hibernation.” I’m so proud of her! She’s […]

The Power of Positivity

Today’s post was going to be a ‘My Workout Today’. I liked what I had planned for my workout – a few old faithfuls (hello deadlift, I know we meet all the time), as well as a couple of new exercises I’m incorporating to work on muscular endurance. I found my workout today really tough. […]

Just a quick follow up on my kale obsession

My Workout Today

This morning I woke up today feeling a little under the weather – like my body was trying to fight off a head cold. Once I was up and about I felt a little better, so after I was done with my clients, I felt well enough to get a good speed workout in on […]

Pinned! Workout Clothes

I’ve been on a bit of a pinning kick recently. I just started a Pinterest board of workout gear, to keep track of all the cute stuff I don’t need to buy, but want. (Seriously, more than half my wardrobe is workout gear). Here are a few of my fave pins: The Missonian Sweaty Band, for […]

Is Paleo the Key?

Suddenly, Paleo is the new diet buzzword. The Paleolithic diet has actually been around since the 1970’s (or I guess, technically, since Paleolithic times, huh?), but it’s become more popularized recently through Crossfit, which recommends eating Paleo as the most healthful choice. The premise is that we are genetically predisposed to be better suited to […]

My Workout Today

Baby, it’s cold outside. Too cold for this chicken to go for a run outside, so I made sure I got my run done at the gym this morning, before doing my strength training. In my defense, I have run outside in winter in Vermont, and it’s not actually as bad as you imagine when […]

Hockey is Back! Why am I excited?

My husband is a hockey fanatic. For example, I am very, very happy there is no NY Rangers game scheduled for my birthday this year, because that may have caused a slight marital rift. I never used to be into it at all, but in 2011 I started watching games with him, even going to […]