Marathon Training Week 5 – Holy Hills!

I had fun training this week. Despite the fact that HILLS became the center of my training week. First of all, my runs were a little more spaced out than they were last week, when I tried to cram a week’s worth of training into 4 days. So, even though Week 5 was a ramping […]

Marathon Training Week 4 Update – Priorities

I had a really fun, busy week. But my training suffered. Which is ironic, because week 4 of my marathon training program was supposed to be a ‘down’ week, with extra rest time built in after a steady 3 week acceleration in training. It didn’t feel like a rest week, though. So, what happened? Well, […]

Marathon Training Week 3 Update – Mistakes

Week 3 of marathon training was tough! I’m kind of glad I peeked ahead to see that next week’s training is significantly dialed back, because I needed to know there were a couple of rest days in my future! An interval run, a 10 mile long run, and a couple of regular runs thrown in […]

Marathon Training Week 2 Update – Time Crunched

Well, Week 2 of marathon training was a little tricky for me. Fran was away on a work trip for a week, so I had a little less wiggle room for fitting in my runs. (Side note: single parents are AMAZING. I don’t know how you do it.) First off, SO HAPPY the heat finally […]

Marathon Training Week 1 Update – HOT

A little while back, I shared with you guys that I’m running the ING NYC Marathon again this year. This will be my second marathon (I ran NYC in 2010) and my first as a Mama Marathoner! I started my official training plan last week, and whoa, was the timing not the greatest with this […]