How Not to Feel Intimidated at the Gym

So you want to join a gym, or you’ve even taken the plunge and enrolled in a membership. Then you go in and feel totally out of your element. Whether it’s not knowing where to start, worrying about what all the other gym goers are doing and thinking, or you’re just feeling lost, it’s common […]

Covered Bridges Half Marathon 2019

Covered Bridges Half Marathon was my first half marathon, was *this-close* to being my half marathon PR, and in the 10 times I’ve run it, I don’t ever remember having a bad time. (Well, there was that one year it poured the entire way, but I even have fond memories of that event.) So, here […]

High Five Friday

Happy almost weekend! This week saw the first day of spring and I am so happy about it. Spring is definitely my favorite season – it means winter is finally (finally!) on its way out and there’s the promise of a long summer ahead. Of course, it’s snowing here again, but that’s crazy Vermont weather for […]

High Five Friday

Hola my lovelies and happy Friday! It’s time to share good times, good reads and things making me feel good from the week – because a little bit of positivity never went astray, right? I’m linking up with Angela, so you should check out her blog for more high five posts. HIGH FIVE FROM INSTAGRAM […]

Vermont City Marathon 2016 Recap – The Black Flag Affair

Well, I am not a three-time marathoner. Turns out that 22 mile long run I ran in the pouring rain on Mother’s Day morning was the closest I would get to running a marathon. I have been conspicuously absent from Instagram or my Facebook page since Marathon Sunday, because I had nothing to share. No […]

Vermont City Marathon Training – Week 8

If I was training a client for a marathon and they got sick and missed a week’s worth of workouts, I would tell them not to panic. I’d tell them there was no way they could lose all their fitness within one week. And then I’d tell them that they might feel a little sluggish […]

Vermont City Marathon Training – Week 7

This was kind of a weird week in marathon training land for me. All my workouts for the week went much better than expected, but my confidence level was way down. Maybe it was because I was shaking off the cold that I almost caught but managed to fight off, so I was feeling lethargic […]

Tomorrow is Promised to No One

A few days ago, a blogging friend lost her young daughter. It came out of nowhere. When I read the news, it felt like someone had punched me in the gut at how terribly unfair and awful life can be, suddenly. Every Sunday, my friend would put up an Instagram post of three things for […]

Throwback Thursday – 50 Easy Healthy Habits

Happy Thursday! This week has been up and down for me. For whatever reason, my emotions have been going through extremes. From playing with Roman, laughing and feeling like mamahood is the best gig in the world, to being pushed t0 the limits of my patience from a tantrum out of nowhere (in public – natch). […]

Pinterest Pins That Make Me CRAZY

I love Pinterest. I do a lot of pinning to save articles to read, workouts to try and recipes to cook. In what I consider a Pinterest triumph, I even manage to read, try and cook some of the many things I’ve pinned. Pinterest, like so many other forms of social media, is always experimenting […]