High Five Friday

Holy week, Batman. Lots happened this week and life is about to get a whole lot crazier (I’m moving next weekend, for example! I know…). Time for a High Five Friday to raise a glass to a long but fun week. Don’t forget to check out Angela’s blog for more High Five Friday fun.


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High Five Friday - Sharing some positive vibes and great reads from the week.

Balloons! Baby T turned 2 on Sunday and I went to Party City and went crazy on balloons (not pictured – Batman balloon chilling in the backseat). Ummm…driving with balloons sucks, by the way. 

The birthday boy had such a fun day. His favorite moment (of course) was the cake. We read a book called “Who Made This Cake?” all the time and the cake in the book is a vanilla cake with whipped cream frosting and strawberries. So I found this recipe online (I’ve had really good luck with the recipes from that blog, by the way) and it came out beautifully.

Roman put a lot of love and concentration into writing his brother’s name and his name on his birthday card. They are so sweet together. Last week someone asked Roman who his best friend was and he said, “My brother, Tanner.” I died a little bit.

Speaking of brotherly love, as I’ve been packing up all my stuff, I found some old family photos, with this gem of me and my brother from when we were little. I think maybe I was 3 and he was 10.

And just to give you a little idea of how crazy life has been lately (and especially this past week), despite having a moving day set in stone for next weekend, I literally didn’t find and put a deposit down on somewhere to live until yesterday. Long story. But the place I finally got is super cute – this is a corner of the living room, with a cozy gas fireplace.


This happened on Easter Sunday morning (also Tanner’s birthday). I made the mistake of hiding eggs knowing they’d be up before me. D’oh!

High Five Friday - Sharing some positive vibes and great reads from the week.

This just made me laugh so much:

High Five Friday - Sharing some positive vibes and great reads from the week.

If you’re a fan of coffee and The Princess Bride then you’ll love this as much as me:

High Five Friday - Sharing some positive vibes and great reads from the week.

Roman spent most of this week at a fun art day-camp and was staying at his Grandma’s, so Tanner and I were kicking it solo. To wear him out for nap time (I need time to pack boxes!!), we went on some long adventure walks by the river. It’s been fun spending some one-on-one time with him the same way I did with his big brother when he was still an only child.

High Five Friday - Sharing some positive vibes and great reads from the week.

I may have mentioned before that I’m a NY Rangers fan…well it’s the playoffs and as of last night they’re leading the first series against the Canadiens 3-2. Last night was a crazy game, with a winning goal 14 minutes into overtime. I hate watching overtime, it makes me so nervous!

High Five Friday - Sharing some positive vibes and great reads from the week.


I am an immigrant to this country…but an adult immigrant and a white immigrant. It makes a difference, even though it absolutely shouldn’t. When Paria writes about her experiences as a young girl growing up in Pittsburgh, newly immigrated to the country from Iran, it simultaneously breaks my heart and makes me so thankful she has the talent and the courage to share what it’s like. This is a must read: Big White Lies.

I loved this post from Laura about tips on how to qualify for the Boston Marathon – her tips are not the usual advice and I recommend reading it if you were inspired by watching Boston this week!

So you already know I was reading all things Boston this week (I shared some of the most inspiring moments from the race as well as just running moments in general), but if you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I was ALL about the story of the 8 months pregnant runner who finished Boston this year. She got her acceptance letter the day she found out she was pregnant. Go, fit mama!!

I thought this article was interesting: I Finished a Marathon But Never Called Myself a Marathoner. I shared it a while back on my Facebook page, but I was reminded of it again this week when a friend shared how she had just started “running” (inverted commas her own). Do you think it’s a human thing, or a female thing that we tend to play down our achievements? It seems like running is a particularly hard one for people to say, “Yes, I run, I’m a runner, I train and I race and I get that shit done.” What do you think?

Confession time before I share the last great article from the week – I have had a draft blog post in my calendar for 3 months now. Every week I move it forward a week in the schedule. It’s titled “I tried meditating for 30 days and this is what happened.” I think you can guess why I have to keep rescheduling. So far my best streak has been 3 consecutive days. What can I say, I’m a work in progress! So this is good timing for Nellie to share some awesome (and quick) meditation practices anyone can fit into their day. Who knows, maybe you’ll be reading my post this time next month…

Next week the Run It running coaches are back and we have a great set of articles for you on running injuries – each one of us will be looking into a different common running injury, so it’s one you’ll want to pin for later and hopefully never have to consult! But it’s always helpful to know how to prevent injury as well, so don’t miss it. 

I won’t be posting apart from Run It next week, since I’ll be running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and the next time I share a High Five Friday with you, I should be well and truly moved in to my new place. Wish me luck!! 🙂

Happy Weekend!

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