High Five Friday

Happy Friday! 🙂 I don’t know about you guys but I am loving getting out every day with this gorgeous summer weather. The difference in humidity between NYC and Vermont is such a change and I am doing a lot more walking and running and just hanging out outdoors. Hence my blogging has been a little light, but I know you’ll forgive me. 

This week I’m linking up with Angela at Happy Fit Mama for High Five Friday – sharing good reads and good times to start the weekend off right.

5 Photos From the Week 

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High Five Friday - sharing 5 good things about the week. Positivity and happiness can be contagious - let’s spread the joy by sharing what’s going right in our life!

Taking a walk on the trails with my big boy! I wrote about how heading out with my 4 year old makes me appreciate running more in this post

Beach day, Burlington style! We had some friends from New York visiting with us and spent one lazy afternoon at the beach on Lake Champlain. And guess what? The water is not freezing! Totally swimmable. This was Tanner’s first experience of the beach and he loved it.

We went exploring to a nearby town and I had to take a photo of Roman with this question mark. If you’ve spent more than about 30 seconds in the company of a 4 year old, you’ve been asked upwards of a hundred questions at a time.

More traipsing around with my two monkeys. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to carry Tanner in a front carrier, but for right now it’s still working. 

I explored a side path on the Intervale trails I often run and found this little boardwalk across a swampy area. It led to a tall rock staircase, which I promptly used for a few stair repeats. 🙂

Five Posts I Loved

This post by Tina on the reality of what an athlete’s body is, rather than what you want it to be really struck a chord with me (and I suspect with many female athletes). I love that Tina is so open and honest in her writing.

Christine turned 40 and wrote about how it felt. I love her and I love her attitude and this is how I think and hope I will feel in less than 2 years when forty swings round my way.

This article in the NY Times about strength training was interesting – seems like this was a pretty small study, but really fascinating results from the difference between lifting light and lifting heavy when strength training. I actually love to lift heavy, but the article points out that a lot of people find it intimidating or uncomfortable – how do you feel about heavy weights?

I am SO happy for Nellie! She quit her job to pursue what she loves and her post about it gave me goosebumps. It goes to show that when you work hard at something and commit to a dream, sometimes the universe intervenes and makes it possible. 

And finally, this article on saying thank you really spoke my language. These are 7 situations in which we should really be saying “Thank you,” rather than apologizing, or justifying, or getting defensive and faux-humble. I love this.

Five Extra Fun Things

Remember when I wrote a winter running gear post and sang the praises of the beeswax balm I was using to soften my hands under my running gloves? Well the creator, Tita, set up a website that just went live, so now you can buy this amazing salve online!

High Five Friday - sharing 5 good things about the week. Positivity and happiness can be contagious - let’s spread the joy by sharing what’s going right in our life!

I signed up for a RRCA running coach certification. I am doing it in September and I’m sooo excited. Possibly as excited for a weekend away by myself as much as for the certification itself. 😉

A certain little monkey who goes by Baby T started walking this week! Where did my baby go?

My friend Amanda (formerly Miss Zippy) wrote an article for the RRCA blog on running through the parenting years and she interviewed me for my thoughts on stroller running. I am so honored to be included!

Ummm, one of my neighbors brews his own beer. He let us try a few of his favorites and now we’re regular customers. Gotta love Vermont!

What are your weekend plans?

What was your favorite part of the week?

Running Lessons from a 4 Year Old

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High Five Friday

High Five Friday. Sharing 5 good things about the week. Positivity and happiness can be contagious - let’s spread the joy by sharing what’s going right in our life!

Happy almost weekend! :) I have no real plans for the weekend and I'm psyched about it. The farmer's market has started back up, so I'll most likely be checking that out on Sunday. The places I take the boys for mini hikes are all green and shady and pretty again. Maybe I'll take a yoga class, or go for a decidedly-not-in-training-for-anything … [Continue reading]

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Covered Bridge Half Marathon, 2016,

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