Gift Guide for Healthy Cooks

If someone you love is health-conscious, and they love cooking and eating, then this gift guide for healthy cooks is what you need for gift ideas! Even for those foodies who aren’t so much at home in the kitchen, you’ll still find some presents that will appeal to their love of eating healthy.

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So, let’s see what you can bookmark for your favorite foodie in today’s gift guide!


THE gift guide for healthy cooks! If you have a foodie you need a gift for, there are lots of ideas in this list of presents for the health-conscious chef.

I continue to love my Blendtec blender (which was a gift to me!). I use it for smoothies, sauces, dips, and I’ve even used it to make a (semi-healthy) cheesecake! 

To go with the blender (or as a gift on its own), a GreenBlender subscription is a great present because it’s not a one-time gift! You can read a review of the service here, or just go ahead and order this lovely gift here.

I’ve been meaning to buy an apron for a while now – it’s something I never remember to purchase for myself, so the cook in your life may be the same way. This linen apron found on Etsy is simple, elegant, and practical. 

A mortar and pestle is a low-tech, practical, and beautiful gift for anyone who loves cooking. You probably recognize it from your favorite Mexican restaurant (it’s perfect to make and serve guac), but it’s also useful for crushing herbs, making pastes, or grinding anything, really.

These stylish glass bottles are a great gift for the kitchen – they can be used for dressings, as a to-go smoothie cup, excess soup storage, or just to keep filtered water refrigerated.

THE gift guide for healthy cooks! If you have a foodie you need a gift for, there are lots of ideas in this list of presents for the health-conscious chef.

Snack box subscriptions are another gift that keeps on giving. UrthBox (which used to be called Bestowed), is a monthly box subscription of healthy snacks, beverages and more – no samples sizes!

This super cute meal prep & chill tank from Etsy can be for cooking, hanging out, or even working out.

A meal planner notebook like this one is a great way of keeping healthy eating and cooking habits going, with no panic about what to make to dinner 5 minutes before you want to eat. On one side is a page for a week’s worth of meal ideas, and on the other is room for your shopping list for that week’s meals.

Your healthy chef may still enjoy sipping on wine as they cook (red wine is good for you, right?). This set of 12 stemless wine glasses is really affordable and looks elegant.

Even if your foodie isn’t a runner, they’ll still enjoy this cookbook called Run Fast. Eat Slow. from Olympian (and the most recent female winner of the NYC Marathon!) Shalane Flanagan. 

This is my happy place. I received a package of this GrandyOats Cocoanola Chocolate Chunk granola in my gift bag when I went to Rise.Run.Retreat this year (GrandyOats was one of the sponsors). Holy Delicious. I can’t even explain how incredible this granola is – and it’s grain-free.

THE gift guide for healthy cooks! If you have a foodie you need a gift for, there are lots of ideas in this list of presents for the health-conscious chef.

Let’s stop debating and agree that coffee is healthy, okay? Now we have that decided, this Artisan Coffee and Tea Artisan Blend in whole beans is one of my favorite coffees. You can’t find it everywhere, so it’s easiest to buy direct from their website here.

When you use whole bean coffee, it stays fresher longer, but you’ll need a coffee grinder! Try this KitchenAid Coffee Grinder to pair with the coffee beans as a coffee-lover’s gift.

Speaking of foods that aren’t always considered healthy, pizza gets a bad rap. When you make it yourself, you can load it with veggies, go whole-wheat on the crust, and control how much cheese and less-healthy ingredients get loaded on top. This ceramic pizza stone can go in your oven, or on your grill, to cook your homemade pizza perfectly.

I love my Crockpot, because it makes cooking healthy so quick and easy. I also love walking in the door at the end of my workday and smelling the deliciousness of dinner already cooked. This wi-fi enabled CrockPot is genius, because you can download an app for it, then control it from your phone! Going to be late home? Switch it to warm or off from wherever you are. Coming home early and you’re starving? Change the setting from low to high for your commute.

If you’re going to cook a delicious dinner, you should make your table look special. These sweet polkadot napkins from Huddleson Linens are described as ‘unapologetically jolly’. 🙂 

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Coffee – do you consider it healthy, or not? What about pizza?

What’s the best cooking gift you’ve given or received?

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