Scenes from a weekend #3

Mondays of holiday weeks don’t really feel quite so Monday-ish, do they? How was everyone’s weekend? We had a lot of fun this weekend. Saturday there was some playground adventures (a weekend staple). Two words: Shark. Gloves.

Scenes from a weekend #3

I also finally got my hair cut and colored. Someone emailed me a photo taken a couple of weeks ago and all I could see was the blinding light of my grey regrowth. So it was overdue. I love my hairstylist – I used to go to a woman I ADORED, but she moved back home to Texas. 🙁 Since she moved 4 years ago, I just hopped around from salon to salon looking for someone just as awesome. Finally I found someone (in my neighborhood! Score!) and I’m really happy with her.

Scenes from a weekend #3

Do you chit chat with your hair stylist? I don’t, at all. I am magazines all the way. I feel so awkward making small talk. It’s funny, because I always assumed my stylist was very quiet as well, but my friend who told me about her said she never stops talking and another friend of mine who I have sent there says the same thing. So I guess it’s just me!

I don’t know if this is a runner thing, or anyone who works out regularly, but there never seems to be a good time to get your hair done nicely, because I am always doing something sweaty almost immediately afterwards. In this case, my hair looked nice Saturday night (so we went out to dinner) and then I was running the ‘Race to Deliver’ 4 mile NYRR race in Central Park Sunday morning.

It. was. brutal.

23 degrees and in the single digits with the wind chill. I had to get up and leave super early because I needed to pick up my number before the race. You know how when you don’t feel like working out, or getting up early, but once you’re up and doing it, you’re happy about it? Yeah, that never happened. I got all the way to Central Park, picked up my number, and thought, “I think I’m just going to go home.” The thought of taking off my winter hat and thick sweatshirt was almost too much to bear.

But I stuck it out.

Scenes from a weekend #3

And ran my fastest 4 mile race since 2009. Yup, the fastest I’ve been in 4 years. My first 2 miles weren’t even that speedy, but by the time I got to the halfway point, all I could think was coffee, hot shower and I swear I ran faster just to get it over with. It was the coldest run I’ve ever done and that includes Vermont in the middle of winter. I just wasn’t dressed right, or really prepared for the huge change in weather.

Needless to say, I didn’t leave the apartment again once I got home. Roman’s first babysitter Lishy and her girlfriend Emma (who was Roman’s pinchsitter when we needed her) came to visit us – they live in Montana now and I MISS them. Roman was SO excited, he was showing off like crazy. They couldn’t believe how much he’d grown!

All in all, a pretty lovely weekend!

Are you a cold weather runner? Or do you switch to the treadmill once it hits a certain temperature?

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?



  1. Congrats on the fast 4 miler- that’s awesome!

    I’m a total cold weather runner. It’s my preferred temperature- much more than the heat!
    Katie @ Live Half Full recently posted…Monday MotivationMy Profile

  2. Wow – great run in the cold!
    You know that I’m on my treadmill!! (except this week I will brave the cold to run outside with my sis-in-law while she is here)
    And, I love my hairdresser – I go every 4 weeks (short hair!) and have for almost 13 years!! We chat, drink and just have a great time!!!
    Kim recently posted…Almost Time to Bring out the Trees!!!My Profile

    • It’s funny, I thought of you when I was writing about it, because I know you love the treadmill!