Live Unlimited (with a little help from your friends)

Something I’ve mentioned before when talking about goals is that you need to believe in yourself in order for the goal to be achieved. It’s easier said than done, but whether it’s through visualization, mental training, or the power of mantras, believing you can do something is a powerful step toward achieving your goals.
Now, imagine being faced with a huge physical setback like muscular dystrophy. Things we take for granted, like running, walking, even everyday tasks, become nearly impossible for the sufferers of this disease. There are no cures for muscular dystrophy and few treatments. That’s why I’m so happy today to be a part of an amazing campaign with the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Endorphin Warrior, to share an inspiration for me to Live Unlimited. This limited edition bracelet was created for the campaign and $6 of each sale goes toward research, clinical care and support services for sufferers nation wide.
Product Image - Live Unlimited - brown wristband
I was sent two bracelets – one to inspire me and one to send to someone who was an inspiration for me to live unlimited.
So let’s bring this back to running for a moment… šŸ™‚ It’s no secret that I am in awe of Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama. I’ve written before about how she inspires me to get after it, whatever ‘it’ may be, after she took up running out of the blue and went after every challenge with her whole heart and soul. I was up here in Vermont when Nellie ran her very first marathon in NYC and I was glued to my little tracking app on my phone the whole day, watching her attack the course. I know that race was long and brutal for her and when I ‘saw’ her cross the finish line on my tracker, I cried.                                                                       
When I was slogging through the godawful heat of the Vermont City Marathon, Nellie was the person I thought of when it got really rough and when I was considering just giving up. I remembered how hard and how long the 26.2 miles in New York were for her and kept saying to myself, ‘If Nellie gutted it out, I can too.”

Live Unlimited - Be inspired by those in your life to go after your goals

The Live Unlimited campaign is all about transforming our perceived limits into unlimited possibilities to live life to the fullest. After my forced DNF in the marathon, I thought long and hard about what to expect the next time I attempt the distance. I had grand plans to come back with a vengeance and get a new, shiny PR, but life and lackluster training got in the way and then, of course, it was all for nothing anyway. It’s easy after a training cycle and an event experience like that to let it break you down mentally. I thought to myself, maybe I’ll never break my marathon PR. Maybe I’m crazy to think that I could. 
I’ve been going to the gym more often now that running doesn’t need to be front and center because of a training schedule. And I found myself already planning my strength training around what will benefit me as a distance runner. All of a sudden it occurred to me that I DO believe in myself. I do believe I can shake off my perceived limits and go after a PR. And my friend Nellie is a huge source of inspiration for me to tackle that goal. I don’t know when or where my next marathon will be raced, but I know that I’ll take that belief that I can have unlimited possibilities with me as I train for it. And I’ll think of Nellie and her badassery and impressive achievements, all because she believed she could do it, too.
Nellie – thanks for being a constant source of inspiration and motivation to many. Enjoy your bracelet!
Live Unlimited - be inspired to go after your goals by those in your life.
If you’d like to be part of the #LiveUnlimited campaign too, you can grab yourself a bracelet  here and enjoy the generous gift to MDA your purchase provides.
Who inspires you to live unlimited?
What does unlimited living mean to you?


  1. I love love love this so much.
    The concept.
    The Nellie.

  2. bah. Now I am the crazy crying woman in the cube with all the feels and no one knows why. The crazy thing about this WHOLE POST is that YOU are the most supportive behind the scenes. YOU are the one rooting me on and giving me tips and putting so much GOOD in the universe for me. Thank you. I am SO excited for my bracelet. LOVE YOU!
    Nellie recently posted…The 10 Minute Buff Bride Arm WorkoutMy Profile

  3. I love the words “live unlimited” !!! I’m going to get that bracelet. I think over the last couple of years, I’ve surrounded myself with a little village of friends who all believe in living unlimited….I think we all push each other to do so. recently posted…Buckle UpMy Profile

  4. This is so fantastic and Nellie is a HUGE inspiration!!! You both are!
    This is an awesome campaign and I am also joining the cause. Cannot wait to share how to #LiveUnlimited like you two rock stars!
    Allie recently posted…Should You Bring Kids to Europe?My Profile

  5. This is so incredibly amazing!!! I love your and Nellie’s connection. It is so special to have friends and running friends like this. The way our sport brings us together is truly profound. Thanks so much for supporting MDA and Endorphin Warrior. I’m so grateful to get to work for MDA and learn from the families we serve every day. They are living unlimited every day, and this campaign is such a great reminder to challenge everyone to do the same. I can’t think of a better way than running long distances to defy our limits and believe in ourselves. Thanks so much for bringing awareness to this important cause. I hope more people will buy a bracelet and/or make a donation at xoxo
    Jesica @rUnladylike recently posted…Back in the Kitchen: A Weekly Menu for Busy RunnersMy Profile