3 Breathing Techniques for Relaxation

Meditation has amazing effects on the body, including blood pressure and immune function. There are so many options available for meditation, from apps, to classes, to online videos. I don’t know if this is the same for everyone else, but I find the pressure to ‘clear my mind’ becomes almost debilitating any time I’ve tried to consciously meditate. […]

High Five Friday

This weekend was always one of my favorite weekends of the year in NYC…Marathon weekend! I’ve been seeing posts all over social media from my excited runner friends getting ready to tackle the 5 boroughs in 26.2 miles and like I mentioned in my post this week about not racing, I am already feeling chills […]

Summer in Vermont

This was the first summer I’ve spent out of NYC in 15 years. New York in the summer is a love hate relationship. The city empties out as people head to the Hamptons or on vacation, so suddenly you can get a table anywhere and everything is less crowded. There’s a lot of rosé drinking, […]

High Five Friday

Happy Friday! 🙂 I don’t know about you guys but I am loving getting out every day with this gorgeous summer weather. The difference in humidity between NYC and Vermont is such a change and I am doing a lot more walking and running and just hanging out outdoors. Hence my blogging has been a […]

Running Lessons from a 4 Year Old

Last week, I was home one day with both boys and decided we needed to get out for an explore. Our go-to is to wander down by the river and find some paths to traipse along by the water. But I wanted to do something different, so I suggested going to the cross country ski trails […]

Live Unlimited (with a little help from your friends)

Something I’ve mentioned before when talking about goals is that you need to believe in yourself in order for the goal to be achieved. It’s easier said than done, but whether it’s through visualization, mental training, or the power of mantras, believing you can do something is a powerful step toward achieving your goals.   […]

High Five Friday

Happy almost weekend! 🙂 I have no real plans for the weekend and I’m psyched about it. The farmer’s market has started back up, so I’ll most likely be checking that out on Sunday. The places I take the boys for mini hikes are all green and shady and pretty again. Maybe I’ll take a yoga […]

High Five Friday

Hello, hello! I am off on my 22 mile long run this morning (fingers and toes crossed this is a little less miserable than my 20 mile turned out), so send me some good vibes! 🙂 While I’m running, I thought it’d be fun to link up with Angela for High Five Friday. My Instagram […]

What a 4-Year-Old Thinks of Having a Mother Runner

Last summer, I read posts from Angela and Allie in which they surveyed their kids about what they really thought about having a mother runner. The answers were funny, adorable and surprising, so I was of course excited to try it with Roman. He was not, unfortunately, having a bar of it:   So, @vitatrain4life […]

High Five Friday – Beauty

It’s Friday, I’m in love. It was kind of a week here. Roman was sick and I kept him home from pre-K one day, I fought off getting sick all week and my running schedule suffered. I also had a couple of deadlines I had to work around my schedule.  What I’m giving a big […]