My Spring Style With prAna is Strong

Maybe you remember earlier this month, when I took part in the spring style with prAna and Fit Approach yoga Instagram challenge. I bent over backwards doing the laundry: I did the dancer in my living room: BUT – my everyday style has been lacking. I admit it. It’s been a whole lot of lounge wear (okay, […]

High Five Friday – Birthday Edition

Happy, Happy High Five Friday! I’m very excited about the weekend because it’s my birthday tomorrow! I’m planning on a run and yoga and cake and watching the NY Rangers game. #thisis38  Perfect timing for a little high five for Friday and the good stuff that happened this week. I’m linking up with Angela again for […]

3 Awesome Running Playlists for Your Long Run

The last time I was training for a marathon, once my long run got up to about 15 miles, I found it hard to run without music. It’s usually a pretty black and white issue for runners – they’re either for or against listening to music when they run. I find it to be kind […]

High Five Friday – It’s the Little Things

A big high five this Friday for a lot of simple joys from the week. It’s the little things that can really make you happy, right? A glass of wine in the evening, a happy dance when you’re feeling good, a gorgeous day for a run, stories of ordinary people kicking butt and taking names. […]

High Five Friday – Marathon Training Begins!

Happy Friday, everyone! I have had a busy week, workout-wise. I squeezed an extra run into the week, since this weekend we’re supposed to be in a single digits deep freeze, and I’ve been doing the Baby Strong workout, using Baby T as my weight. More on that next week when I review the program, […]

A Fitness Fairytale – Cinderella Revisited

Once upon a time, there was a fit young woman named Cinderella. Her father was a widower, who had remarried to a woman who was terribly jealous of Cinderella’s low resting heart rate, fast-twitch muscle fibers and optimal body fat percentage. This wicked stepmother had two daughters, neither of whom worked out, ate a lot of packaged […]

What Went On in January 2016

The first month of a new year – I am a big fan of January! I get excited thinking about what might be in store in the year about to unfold and it always feel like it’s full of possibility. And a fresh start calls for a fresh haircut, right? So, I chopped all my […]


All weekend, instead of blogging, I curled up with Facebook and checked out my NYC friends’ fabulous photos of blizzard adventures. Blizzards in the city are so much fun! Everyone needs a snow day every now and again. So when it got to be Sunday evening and I realized I had nothing scheduled for today…well, […]

High Five Friday

You know, even though I’m home with the kiddos and blogging is about as far from 9 – 5 as you could get, there’s still something about Friday. Nearly everyone is a little happier when you bump into them on a Friday afternoon. I had a different post planned for today, but it’s been rescheduled […]

35 Tips for Healthy Living and Happiness

You don’t always have to have big, crazy, overwhelming goals for your fitness, health and wellness. Sometimes finding happiness and getting more out of life is as simple as changing some small habits, or trying a new technique. Likewise, a healthy lifestyle is not all about working out and eating healthy. It’s about staying curious, […]