Monthly Workout Round Up – Speed Workout

A week ago a friend of mine reached out to ask me for advice on how to start building up speed in her running. She had surgery earlier this year and has been easing back into her workout routine. I gave her some general tips and then looked at my blog calendar. I wrote her […]

Running Lessons from a 4 Year Old

Last week, I was home one day with both boys and decided we needed to get out for an explore. Our go-to is to wander down by the river and find some paths to traipse along by the water. But I wanted to do something different, so I suggested going to the cross country ski trails […]

Would You Rather Running Survey

There’s something about the week following a long weekend that encourages slacking. So in that spirit, I put together a little ‘would you rather’ running survey. Leave your answers in the comments if you’d like to play along! Would you rather…. Run in subzero temperatures, or hot and humid? This is too easy. Subzero in […]

Monthly Workout Round Up – Hill Running Workouts

I have a complicated relationship with hills. My training for the Vermont City Marathon this year involved plenty of hills. I was determined to attack the long climb at mile 15 as prepared as I could be. And sometimes my mental state made them harder than they should have been. We all know how the […]

4 Ways Running is Like Life

There’s a reason runners keep running despite the crappy runs, the terrible races, the times when non-runners listen to us talk and think (or say), “Why do you love running, again?” It’s because for every crappy run, there are five great ones. For every terrible race there is one magic event where all your starts […]

Let’s Be Runners and Be Love

When I heard about what happened in Orlando, I went for a run. While I ran, I thought about how so many people’s lives were taken and their loved ones’ lives destroyed, because of the incomprehensible hatred in the heart of one human being. How one person’s views on total strangers’ sexual orientation became more […]

Covered Bridges Half Marathon 2016 – A finish line I needed

When I signed up for the Covered Bridges Half Marathon, it was kind of a whim. I had deliberately not made a note of registration day (the race sells out in less than an hour when registration opens), because I was already in for the Vermont City Marathon and the CBHM was just one week […]

Vermont City Marathon 2016 Recap – The Black Flag Affair

Well, I am not a three-time marathoner. Turns out that 22 mile long run I ran in the pouring rain on Mother’s Day morning was the closest I would get to running a marathon. I have been conspicuously absent from Instagram or my Facebook page since Marathon Sunday, because I had nothing to share. No […]

Thoughts Before the Marathon

I’m running a marathon on Sunday. I’m not nervous as much as have my head firmly planted in the sand about what it’s going to be like. You know when you hurt yourself badly and then afterward you find it difficult to remember how that pain felt? If you’ve given birth (an experience that’s not unlike […]

Monthly Workout Round Up – Injury Prevention for Runners

While I wish I could tell you that you can avoid injury forever by being proactive and doing everything you can to prevent injury in the first place, the sad news is running injuries will most likely still happen. There are so many variables to injury that it’s impossible to guarantee an injury-free running life. […]