Monthly Workout Round Up – Yoga Stretch Routine for Runners

Yoga stretch routine for runners - the best way to cool down after your next run. Click through for 6 yoga workouts for runners!

Yoga - is there anything so complementary to running that runners are more afraid of? Well, maybe not all runners (Christine, runner and yogini extraordinaire springs to mind), but many runners I know mumble something about their hamstrings and severe lack of flexibility when the subject of yoga comes up.  This month in our workouts for … [Continue reading]

Your Distance Does Not Define You

Your distance does not define you. Why every runner deserves respect, regardless of the distance they run or race.

"That's the kid's race." That's what a friend of mine heard from a fellow runner recently at an event of several ultra distances. The runner was talking about the shortest distance on offer - the 50k distance my friend was about to run - as if it was somehow not worth doing, something easy a kid could handle. My friend described the atmosphere … [Continue reading]

Monthly Workout Round Up – Dynamic Warm Up

A dynamic warm up is your secret weapon to maximize running performance and avoid injury. Try one of these 5 great dynamic warm up workouts, part of the monthly workouts for runners series, written by runners, for runners.

It's time again for the monthly workouts for runners round up, in which I, Angela, Allie, Laura, Nellie and Sarah share workouts for runners based on a monthly theme. This month we have five great dynamic warm up workouts for you, not six, as Sarah is busy prepping for the Run Rise Retreat this week (you can follow the account on Instagram to … [Continue reading]

Why Running Is Like Therapy

Why Running is Like Therapy - how running can improve your mental health and your every day happiness.

There are so many reasons I go for a run. I might be training for an event and have a planned run to get me that much closer to my goal. Occasionally I just feel slothful and low energy and I head out for a run just to get myself moving. But mainly, these days, while I'm not training for anything in particular, I've realized running has … [Continue reading]

Why You Need to Run Fast

Whether you're chasing a PR or not, speed work benefits EVERY runner. If you've been unsure about adding speed workouts to your training, here are 6 reasons why you should start now!

Everyone needs to run faster. No, don't worry, I'm not judging anyone for their pace, or suggesting that a faster time in a race is somehow better. What I mean is, to become a better, stronger runner, you should be incorporating faster running and speed work in your weekly training. Speed workouts should be a part of your training routine, … [Continue reading]

Summer in Vermont

Summer in Vermont

This was the first summer I've spent out of NYC in 15 years. New York in the summer is a love hate relationship. The city empties out as people head to the Hamptons or on vacation, so suddenly you can get a table anywhere and everything is less crowded. There's a lot of rosé drinking, ice cream eating, and evening strolling. There … [Continue reading]

Monthly Workout Round Up – Core Workouts for Runners

Core Workouts for Runners - six core workouts designed for runners, by runners. A strong core is the key to being a faster, stronger runner.

Once upon a time, the words "core exercises" used to make me cringe. One of my clients still remembers me telling her, "You are not an apple," when she first told me she really wanted to work on her core. To work on your "core" to me brought forth countless infuriating articles in women's health and fitness magazines, with their hundreds of … [Continue reading]

Why Running Blogs are Every Runner’s Best Friend

Why Running Blogs are Every Runner's Best Friend

I'm so excited to share a guest post from my running blogger friend Ellen today. I love reading her blog, Tale of Two Runs, because when reading her posts, you can honestly feel her love of running and enthusiasm for the sport and the running community. Right now Ellen is training for her first full marathon and it's so fun to catch up on her … [Continue reading]

High Five Friday

High Five Friday - starting off the weekend with some happy news, great reads, positivity and good vibes.

Hola my lovelies and happy Friday! It's time to share good times, good reads and things making me feel good from the week - because a little bit of positivity never went astray, right? I'm linking up with Angela, so you should check out her blog for more high five posts. HIGH FIVE FROM INSTAGRAM You can come follow me on Instagram here, if we're … [Continue reading]

4 Questions to Ask When You Have a Bad Workout

4 Questions to Ask When You Have a Bad Workout

I'm sure you've heard the saying, "You never regret a workout." Well, maybe you don't regret working out, but anyone who exercises consistently has definitely had an experience of just nothing going right and suffering through a suckfest of a workout (that's a technical term, of course). Whether it's a run which feels like an interminable slog, a … [Continue reading]