3 Breathing Techniques for Relaxation

3 Breathing techniques for relaxation. Stressed and find meditation difficult? Try these breathing practices for stress relief.

Meditation has amazing effects on the body, including blood pressure and immune function. There are so many options available for meditation, from apps, to classes, to online videos. I don't know if this is the same for everyone else, but I find the pressure to 'clear my mind' becomes almost debilitating any time I've tried to … [Continue reading]

5 Best Foods for Runners

The 5 Best Foods for Runners - how many of these super foods are in your diet?

Welcome to this month's guest post from Beth Roessner, aka The Rungry Health Coach! In case you missed Beth's first post, check out her tips for pre- and post-workout fueling here. Today Beth is sharing the 5 best foods for runners - how many of them do you eat? 5 BEST FOODS FOR RUNNERS Runners love food, and they are always … [Continue reading]

5 Ways Spectating or Running a Race Can Renew Your Faith in Humanity

5 Ways Spectating or Running a Race Can Renew Your Faith in Humanity

This past week has been a tough one in this country. Rather than the election signaling the end to tensions and weariness with political back and forth in the media and among friends and family, I'm sure I'm not alone in having my social media flooded with arguments, despair, fear and hope. I've written before about the beauty of the starting line … [Continue reading]

Thrive by GoMacro Review and Giveaway

Thrive by GoMacro Review and Giveaway

There are a ridiculous number of snack bars available these days - half of the snack aisle of my local supermarket is completely dedicated to granola and protein bars. How are you supposed to make a choice faced with so many? You guys already know I'm a fan of GoMacro, so when they reached out to tell me about a brand new product they've … [Continue reading]

High Five Friday

High Five Friday - sharing all the good stuff from the week to start off the weekend with some positive vibes!

This weekend was always one of my favorite weekends of the year in NYC...Marathon weekend! I've been seeing posts all over social media from my excited runner friends getting ready to tackle the 5 boroughs in 26.2 miles and like I mentioned in my post this week about not racing, I am already feeling chills thinking about all the marathoners getting … [Continue reading]

On Not Racing

On Not Racing - what happens when a runner stops racing and keeps running?

Moving to Vermont from NYC has been a culture shock in a lot of ways. Something that I always took for granted living in New York was the abundance of races on offer every weekend. There was always something to sign up for, always something to train for. Thanks to the NYRR policy of offering guaranteed NYC marathon entry to anyone who volunteered … [Continue reading]

Pre and Post Run Nutrition Tips with The Rungry Health Coach

Pre and post run nutrition tips with The Rungry Health Coach. Tips for what to eat before and after a run or workout, timing for nutrition and what works best!

Today I'm excited to introduce you to a new guest contributor for Fine Fit Day, Beth Roessner, a one-time couch potato turned avid runner, triathlete and wellness warrior. Through her business, The Rungry Health Coach, she works with adults around the country to help them reach all of their wellness and running goals--from … [Continue reading]

Monthly Workout Round Up – Yoga Stretch Routine for Runners

Yoga stretch routine for runners - the best way to cool down after your next run. Click through for 6 yoga workouts for runners!

Yoga - is there anything so complementary to running that runners are more afraid of? Well, maybe not all runners (Christine, runner and yogini extraordinaire springs to mind), but many runners I know mumble something about their hamstrings and severe lack of flexibility when the subject of yoga comes up.  This month in our workouts for … [Continue reading]

Your Distance Does Not Define You

Your distance does not define you. Why every runner deserves respect, regardless of the distance they run or race.

"That's the kid's race." That's what a friend of mine heard from a fellow runner recently at an event of several ultra distances. The runner was talking about the shortest distance on offer - the 50k distance my friend was about to run - as if it was somehow not worth doing, something easy a kid could handle. My friend described the atmosphere … [Continue reading]

Monthly Workout Round Up – Dynamic Warm Up

A dynamic warm up is your secret weapon to maximize running performance and avoid injury. Try one of these 5 great dynamic warm up workouts, part of the monthly workouts for runners series, written by runners, for runners.

It's time again for the monthly workouts for runners round up, in which I, Angela, Allie, Laura, Nellie and Sarah share workouts for runners based on a monthly theme. This month we have five great dynamic warm up workouts for you, not six, as Sarah is busy prepping for the Run Rise Retreat this week (you can follow the account on Instagram to … [Continue reading]