Why Social Media Fitness Challenges Work

Why Social Media Fitness Challenges Work

Last summer, I took part in an Instagram yoga challenge. If you follow enough fitness-based accounts, I'm sure you've seen these social media fitness challenges on your feed. It's usually a challenge for a specific number of days and you're asked to document you doing the daily move with a photo on Instagram. My parents happened to be visiting from … [Continue reading]

How to Navigate the Gym (When You Have NO Idea What You’re Doing)

How to Navigate the Gym (When You Have NO Idea What You're Doing)

When I was first started working as a trainer at a gym years ago, for the first couple of months as I built up my client list, I spent some time as a 'floor trainer'. If you belong to a bigger chain gym, you're probably familiar with the floor trainer. From a member point of view, they're there to offer you towels, advice, help with equipment, … [Continue reading]

Free Strength Training Journal Printables

Free Strength Training Journal Printables from Fine Fit Day - save and print these pdf blank strength training journal printables for your workouts!

I have always written clients' workouts down on with pen and paper. I know plenty of trainers who use online training apps, or bring their iPad or tablet along to sessions and keep track of their clients' progress that way. I suspect I'll always be a written-down-on-paper type of trainer - there's something about being able to hold it in your hand, … [Continue reading]

4 Steps to Choose the Best Personal Trainer for You

Want to know how to choose the best personal trainer for you? Check out this trainer's advice on making sure you're working with the right person!

When I worked in a fitness club, personal trainers were assigned randomly to people newly signed-up to the gym - every new member received a consultation and one session as part of their membership package. Needless to say, the number of people who continued on with a trainer after that free, random session was way less than for members … [Continue reading]

What Does ‘Listening to Your Body’ Mean, Anyway?

What Does 'Listening to Your Body' Mean, Anyway? Personal trainer tips on how to read your body's cues when you're working out.

Every time I send clients their training program for the week, I find myself telling them, "Don't forget to listen to your body!" Since I'm doing online training, I'm not usually able to monitor my clients' form or identify whether something is particularly challenging for them. I'm also not able to intuit quickly whether their physical or mental … [Continue reading]

Why Massage is so Important for Athletes (plus a Deep Recovery Massage Track Giveaway)

Why Massage is so Important for Athletes (plus a Deep Recovery Massage Track Giveaway)

When you work out, it's not the exercises, or the weights, or the effort that makes you stronger. In fact, what you're doing when you're strength training, or going on a long run, is breaking your muscles down. You're causing micro tears in your muscle fibers. Sounds awful, right? Well, the good news is that it's when you're resting after your … [Continue reading]

High Five Friday

- great photos, links and read from the week

It's been a  long time since I wrote a High Five Friday post (it's Angela's brainchild, I just borrow it). So here's a chance for you to catch up a little on what I've been up to recently and for me to share some link love.  FIVE FROM INSTAGRAM (you can follow me here if we aren't already connected!) Gorgeous sunset over Lake … [Continue reading]

Run It – How to Stay Sane on the Treadmill

Mental Workouts for Runners - visualization tricks and key mental workouts to get you ready for an event. Part of the Run It series of tips and tricks for runners.

Welcome to another installment of your new favorite series for runners, Run It! Full of tips and advice from coaches and runners including Laura, Sarah, Nellie, Angela, Allie and me, every month you get not one but 6 great workouts or articles on a topic.  (Last year we brought you 12 months of fantastic workouts for runners - you can … [Continue reading]

Looking for the Magic Bullet – Magazines and Weight Loss

Looking for the Magic Bullet - Magazines and Weight Loss

Recently, I got invited (okay, I invited myself, but I was accepted!) to a Facebook group called Women Prioritizing Fitness. I was looking for some accountability and also just to connect with a community of women fitting in their workouts around life, kids, career, etc. It's been a great source of motivation for me  - Nellie from Brooklyn … [Continue reading]

7 Dream Destination Races Around the World

7 Dream Destination Races Around the World

The joy was in the act of running and in the journey, not in the destination. - John Bingham Running, like travel, is often more about the process, the journey, than crossing the finish line, or getting to the place to which you're traveling. I've been fortunate to run many races and travel to many places in my life. What better way to combine two … [Continue reading]