The Power of Positivity

Today's post was going to be a 'My Workout Today'. I liked what I had planned for my workout - a few old faithfuls (hello deadlift, I know we meet all the time), as well as a couple of new exercises I'm incorporating to work on muscular endurance. I found my workout today really tough. I overestimated weights for a couple of exercises, which meant … [Continue reading]

Recipe – Pancake Perfection

On Valentines Day last week, I decided to make a breakfast treat for my one year old son and myself: pancakes. I made raspberry pancakes, to go with the red and pink Valentines Day theme, with the added bonus that the fruit would be enough of a sweetener for his little taste buds. Here's my recipe, which made 4 pancakes (I had two, Roman had one … [Continue reading]

Just a quick follow up on my kale obsession

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Introducing Fit Mama Friday – Meet Elli

Fit Mama Friday - Meet Elli. An eco-conscious, organic living fit mum from Sydney, Australia, Elli is committed to living a fit and healthy lifestyle for her baby boy.

Today I'm very excited to launch a new weekly feature on the blog! Every week, I will be featuring a Fit Mama Friday story of how and why a fit, healthy, happy mama makes sure fitness is a priority in her life. You’ll be reading about all kinds of women and their stories - single mothers, stay at home mothers, moms who are juggling more than … [Continue reading]

Sneak preview of the first Fit Mama Friday tomorrow

Fit Mama Friday begins tomorrow! You'll be meeting Elli, a gorgeous Fit Mama of a beautiful baby boy, from Sydney, Australia. Elli is as fit and fabulous as she was pre-pregnancy and manages to find time to exercise despite having a toddler running around in her life. Find out how she lost the baby weight, despite having given up the gym. Every … [Continue reading]

Happy Valentines Day!

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This Friday, check out a new feature – Fit Mama Fridays!

This week I'm so excited to be introducing a new regular feature on the blog: Fit Mama Friday! I'm really looking forward to sharing with you the stories of some amazing women who are making sure they make fitness and health a priority as they navigate motherhood.Ever see a fit, healthy mother out walking with baby and wonder how she managed to get … [Continue reading]

My Workout Today

This morning I woke up today feeling a little under the weather - like my body was trying to fight off a head cold. Once I was up and about I felt a little better, so after I was done with my clients, I felt well enough to get a good speed workout in on the treadmill, followed by some weights.Here's what I did: 6 x quarter mile repeats at 6:44 … [Continue reading]

Recipe – Spaghetti Squash "Pasta" Bake

This easy recipe is a great way of incorporating whatever produce you happen to have on hand. I basically load it with whatever veggies are in my crisper on any given day. Using spaghetti squash instead of pasta makes this a super healthy, plant-based dish, that's filling without being high calorie. Especially if you feel like you've fallen off the … [Continue reading]

It’s a yoga kind of day!

I went back to yoga class today! It felt great and I actually attempted and succeeded in my first Crow pose!!I guess my son Roman felt inspired... … [Continue reading]