Recipe: Spicy Soba Salad

I'm delivering dinner tomorrow night to a couple who just had a beautiful little baby boy. One of their friends organized a big group of people to cook and deliver healthy meals for the new parents who are sleep deprived and have about a thousand things other than cooking on their mind. (Note: the hands-down best gift for new parents is food, so … [Continue reading]

Is Organic Worth It?

Screenshot from - an organic apple is 25 cents more expensive. Eating all organic is expensive. It's hard to justify the cost when you're in the supermarket, looking at organic apples that look identical to the non-identical apples, except for the difference in price. Recently, someone brought this study by Stanford University to … [Continue reading]

New Mama Workout!

New Mama Workout

When athletes work out, their goal is not to get rid of their love handles, or to try to get more definition in their arms. When they work out, their goal is to improve their strength, endurance, and overall performance in their sport. The side effects of this kind of functional, sports-specific training? Amazing  looking bodies. So, new mamas, … [Continue reading]

When Your Goal Goes Kaput….

I love goal setting, both for clients and for myself. Having a concrete, timely goal is such a motivator for getting your butt into gear and getting on with exercise. The sense of achievement once you reach that goal and know that it was your hard work that got you there is an amazing feeling.When I was 8 months pregnant, I signed up for a half … [Continue reading]

Desperately Seeking Motivation?

A lot of the time, you read that motivation is what's lacking in people who are sedentary. I couldn't agree less. I recently had an email from a friend, asking for advice on starting exercise. The problem, honestly, was not that she needed motivation - she was definitely motivated to start. It was just that she wasn't getting around to fitting … [Continue reading]

Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is an important component in the prevention of many serious diseases. Not a cure, not a treatment, but a preventative measure.Which diseases can exercise act as a preventative measure? Cardiovascular disease (the number one killer of Americans annually) Type II Diabetes High blood pressure (hypertension) High cholesterol … [Continue reading]

Featured on Project Nursery – Beat the Baby Weight

I'm so excited to be featured on Project Nursery today! My friend (and former client) Johanna Lindsay interviewed me on exercising during pregnancy, and losing the baby weight. I trained Johanna following the birth of her third baby, and she looks and feels amazing. There's a lot of misinformation and fear about training during pregnancy, so I hope … [Continue reading]

Running with GPS

That is me checking my watch for my mile split at mile 22 of the ING NYC Marathon. Running is a lot of things for me. It's my favorite form of cardiovascular exercise, for sure, and I love testing myself by racing. But running is also my stress relief, my time alone, a way to catch up with friends, a weight maintenance tool, and a way to gauge my … [Continue reading]

Fear of Weights

There have been very few female clients I've worked with who haven't expressed a fear of 'bulking up' from weight training. I explain that it would be incredibly difficult to be able to train them to look like a female bodybuilder - they would have to change their diets drastically, eating a huge amount more calories. They would have to devote many … [Continue reading]

Combining Cardio and Strength Training

There's a really interesting article in The New York Times today, about two studies exploring whether muscles react better to strength training and cardio if they are combined in one workout, or take place on separate days. Combine short workoutsand save time! You can read the article here. It seems from the results of muscles biopsies taken after … [Continue reading]