Food Stamps Soda Ban Rejected in NYC

New York City's Mayor Bloomberg is a big proponent of measures to combat obesity rates within our city. Banning trans-fats in restaurants, and bakeries in the city was a great move, and will hopefully have a health impact on New Yorkers for years to come. However, I really had mixed feelings about the proposal to ban people from buying soda or … [Continue reading]

Recipe – Hummus and Tabouleh Wrap

Lots of taste from herbs and vegies, good fat, protein, and whole grains - this wrap is a yummy lunch, and pre-making your own tabouleh gives you enough to use as a side dish or quick lunch or snack throughout the week.What's tabouleh? It's a Middle Eastern salad, most popular in Lebanon and Syria. It's also delicious. Here's my tabouleh recipe … [Continue reading]

Smaller Sips to Weight Loss

Food journals can be a great tool for losing weight, or maintaining weight loss without necessarily counting calories. Keeping track of your diet habits is great as a short-term strategy – it definitely works to keep you accountable for what you’re putting in your body, and helps you recognize habits or ‘treats’ which may be hindering a weight loss … [Continue reading]

Watermelon Summer Salad Recipe

Watermelon Summer Salad. A refreshing, crisp salad that satisfies both your sweet and savory tooth. This watermelon salad recipe is so simple and delicious!

Giant watermelon slices eaten outdoors in the summer = perfection. It's one of the things I look forward to most in the summer time. When I was very little, maybe four years old, I have a distinct memory of accompanying my dad to a job one day in the summer. He's an electrician, so his job sites are people's homes. The woman who lived there cut … [Continue reading]

Food Blogs to Salivate Over

Two very hardworking clients of mine each write their own food-themed blogs...both of which I enjoy checking out, so I thought I'd share with you.The first is a blog called Spade & Spatula, co-written by my client Nadia Arumugam, who is a food writer, editor, and cookbook author, and total foodie. Her blog is about growing food and cooking with it, … [Continue reading]

Back Away from the Non-Organic Apple…The 2011 Dirty Dozen

The Environmental Working Group has released its annual report of the Dirty Dozen - the produce with the most pesticide residue (see the 2011 list here). These are the fruits and vegies to avoid buying non-organic whenever you can. Do you really want to be ingesting pesticides? I know I'm pretty sure that rinsing my fruit before eating is not all … [Continue reading]

Crossing the Finish Line

Sunday, June 5, 2011 was a beautiful day for a race. Cool temperatures, clear skies, just the slightest breeze. I woke up with a very nervous husband about to run his first ever half marathon. In a previous post, I described my husband Fran’s terrible illness in December last year, which saw him in a coma on life support for 14 … [Continue reading]

Recipe – Mustard Baked Chicken Packets

This is a super quick and easy dinner, and an easy way to incorporate vegies into your meal. This recipe is so healthy because the flavor comes from no-calorie herbs and mustard. Recently, I served this yummy meal with a side of barley with pine nuts and asparagus. Chopped and mixed vegies for the packet filling Ingredients (serves 2):Chicken … [Continue reading]

Using Mantras for Success – Repeat as Necessary

Do you use mantras when you're running or working out? Here's why having a mantra can help you achieve results and why athletes use mantras for training.

There's such a huge mental aspect to running and training. Have you ever wondered why athletes use mantras in their training - keywords or phrases they speak or think when facing a challenge? Do these kinds of affirmations even work? And how can non-professional athletes begin using positive self-talk, or mantras, in their … [Continue reading]

Recipes – Cooking with Whole Grains

Image courtesy of Whole grains, and products made from whole grains, contain all the  essential parts and nutrients of the grain seed. If whole grains have  been cracked, cooked, rolled etc, they must retain all the nutritional value and benefits found in the grain seed in order to be considered a whole grain.So, why are whole … [Continue reading]