The Quest to Lose 10 Pounds in 6 Weeks – Week One

Don’t panic! I have not lost my pregnant mind, I am not embarking on some sort of crazy weight loss regime for the last few weeks of growing this baby. Instead, I have a very personal guest post to share with you guys today and I hope you’ll give the writer lots of support and […]

How to Rock NO Makeup

I am a big fan of no makeup. My beauty routine for work for me involves brushing my hair and putting it in a ponytail, brushing my teeth, then putting lip balm on. Bam! Good to go. Of course, I am a personal trainer, so along with the makeup-free face goes workout gear and early, early […]

Fit Mama Friday – Meet Amy

Meet Amy I’ve known Amy Wagner Baird for just over 2 years. A full-time Associate Media Buyer at an ad agency in Chicago, Amy was a friend and client of my husband Fran. She reached out to me when Fran was very ill in hospital and became an enormous source of support and friendship from […]

Is Strong Wrong?

  When you look at a picture of a woman’s body with muscles like the image below, do you think, “She looks strong,” or do you think “She looks hot“? Is one of those responses right? Are they both wrong? source I’ve been asking that question of myself for the last week, whenever I see […]

Fit Mama Friday – Meet Tracy

Meet Tracy I’m so happy to introduce you to Tracy Odell, one of my amazing, fit, wonderful clients. Seriously, I love my clients and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be featuring Tracy on Fit Mama Friday. Tracy and her husband Ian have two boys, Spencer, who is 6 and Owen, who is 3 years […]

Fit Mama Friday – Meet Sally

Meet Sally Brooklyn readers: you should be happy that Fit Mama Sally Streets is staying fit and calm with Bikram. Mom to 2.5 year old Hazel, married to Mike, occasional make up artist and awesome blogger (Read her blog Make Face Beauty here and please check out her hysterical-and-informative Make Up TV here), Sally explains that when […]