Running Tips: Finding the Best Time to Run

What’s the best time to run? I’ve been asked this question many times from clients, or anyone interested in getting started running. That and its sister question, ‘When is the best time to work out’? are the two things I’m asked most often as a trainer. The short answer? Whenever you can. The long answer? […]

Running Tips: 8 Tips for Mastering the Long Run

Ahh, the long run. A staple of any distance runner’s training plan, the one weekly workout you shouldn’t skip in marathon training and either the love of your life, or the bane of your existence (there’s no in between!). Whether you love it or hate it, it’s usually tough, especially when you get up past […]

Running Tips – Running Through Pregnancy

Running through pregnancy is a humbling experience. It starts out easily enough. If you’re like me, you have a few short weeks of feeling totally normal, before the first trimester nausea and morning sickness begins. Then, once you get past that stage of feeling ill, your body is not all that different yet. You may […]

Running Tips – When to Choose the Treadmill

This post has been scheduled for a while, so it’s pure coincidence that I’m publishing it just a day after Snowpocalypse 2015…or am I psychic? Either way, it’s perfectly timed to give you advice on when to choose the treadmill. Now, I am no Kim Turner – there’s no way you’ll find me running a cool […]

Running Tips – Making Races Fit Your Training Plan

Signing up for a big goal race and following an official training plan is a sure sign you’ve caught the racing bug. Once you’re in this racing mindset, all those local 5Ks and 10Ks start to look like a fun way to pad out your training for your big event. So, you sign up for […]

Running Tips: Post Race Blues

If you’ve been running and racing for a while, having the post race blues is something you’re probably all-too familiar with. If you’re a first time racer, or just getting serious about racing for the first time, though, the letdown following a major running event for which you’ve been training & focusing can come as […]

Running Tips: Starting From Scratch

Starting anything from scratch is a humbling experience. You’re either learning a completely new skill with no experience, or you’re forced to take on beginner status for something you remember mastering at one point. Running is no different when it comes to starting from scratch. Whether you’ve never broken into a run before, or it’s been […]

Running Tips – Using Walk Breaks to Run Faster

When I first started running races, I never walked. I mean, never. Not through water stations, not on hills, not at all. I thought it was cheating, or that it meant I wasn’t cut out for racing. Then one day, I overheard a running coach and a fellow trainer at the gym I was working […]

Running Tips – The Best Treadmill Workouts

Some runners swear by the treadmill, choosing it over running outside. I am not one of those runners. However, over the past winter, the treadmill and I got to know each other a little lot better and I realized that with the right workout, indoor running became less of an ordeal and even kind of fun. Hopefully that […]

Running Tips – How to Develop a Race Strategy

Many runners approach a race with a strategy laid out before they even get to the starting line. They know what pace they want to hit for each section of the race, they know where they want to run conservatively and the points where they want to push themselves, and they often have different goals […]