What is Yoga Nidra?

I have a hard time meditating. The whole emptying your mind thing is frustratingly difficult for me, and of course I want to do it ‘right,’ so it makes me crazy that 5 minutes of meditating feels like an eternity, in which I don’t achieve any sense of relaxation. So when my friend and yoga […]

Gift Guide for Yoga Lovers

Today it’s all things yoga on Fine Fit Day! If you have a yoga-loving friend, relative, or significant other on your holiday shopping list, then this list is for you. The gift guide for yoga lovers has practical gifts like props and yoga accessories, clothing, fun yoga-themed gifts, and jewelry. Go beyond buying a mat […]

Bedtime Stretch Routine to Help You Sleep

When you stretch, you’re signaling to your muscles, “Okay, we’re done here. No need for the heavy lifting anymore, it’s time to wind down.” This is why I always tell clients to warm up using cardio and self-myofascial release like foam rolling, rather than doing static stretching before working out. (Here are 6 dynamic warm […]

3 Breathing Techniques for Relaxation

Meditation has amazing effects on the body, including blood pressure and immune function. There are so many options available for meditation, from apps, to classes, to online videos. I don’t know if this is the same for everyone else, but I find the pressure to ‘clear my mind’ becomes almost debilitating any time I’ve tried to consciously meditate. […]

Monthly Workout Round Up – Yoga Stretch Routine for Runners

Yoga – is there anything so complementary to running that runners are more afraid of? Well, maybe not all runners (Christine, runner and yogini extraordinaire springs to mind), but many runners I know mumble something about their hamstrings and severe lack of flexibility when the subject of yoga comes up.  This month in our workouts […]

Gift Guide for Yogis

Today is all about the yoga-loving people on the nice list. When it comes to yoga, there are so many props and accessories you can find for the yogis and yoginis in your life. I’ve rounded up my favorites, as well as clothes and fun yoga-themed gifts. Remember, all this week I’m sharing gift guides […]

Baby and Me Yoga

When I was doing prenatal yoga, our class would finish just as the Baby and Me yoga class was getting ready to set up. All of us pregnant mamas would be struggling to get our shoes back on in the lobby, smiling and cooing at the adorable babies coming in for their yoga fix. I […]

Patience in Your Yoga Practice [Guest Post]

Today’s guest writer is a real Renaissance woman when it comes to workouts. Susan Fishback, who writes the blog Simply Modern Dance, has been featured before on Fine Fit Day, as a Fit Mama Friday. A dancer, yogini, runner, group fitness instructor – Susan is open to trying all different types of exercise. In today’s post, […]

5 Reasons to do Prenatal Yoga

My love of yoga began when I was in high school and started taking yoga classes one semester as part of our PE program. I’m not sure if it was because I was brand new to anything to do with the practice, or if we had a particularly good teacher, but that class was amazing for […]

Yoga: What You Need to Know Before You Practice [GUEST POST]

I’m so excited to have Christine from Love, Life, Surf here today, to share her wisdom on the yoga basics – what you need to know before you pick a class and start reaching and twisting and breathing. I love Christine’s blog – her style of writing is smart, yet conversational; effortless, yet thought-provoking. We […]