Exercise to Fight Parkinson’s Disease

There’s a lot we don’t know about Parkinson’s Disease. The causes of Parkinson’s Disease are still unknown. Currently, scientists believe that while genetic susceptibility accounts for a small percentage of sufferers, environmental factors like trauma, toxins and illness are also a major factor in causing the disease. The biggest risk factor for being diagnosed with […]

Running Tips – Treating ITB Syndrome

ITB Syndrome is a common injury for runners. It can happen gradually, starting with a twinge on the outside of your knee and a tightness in your hips, or you might not notice until it’s manifesting as a sharp, intense pain on the side of your knee and thigh, making it impossible to run. The […]

Pay it Forward. A tiny gesture for the ICU staff at the hospital where my husband’s life was saved.

Warning: You know those blog posts you read where the writer explains that they agonized over whether to hit ‘publish’? This is one of those posts. It’s also incredibly long. I began writing this post because today is a Pay it Forward challenge for Elf for Health. I signed up to run for a charity […]

The Workout Backup Plan

You finally found a workout you love. Maybe it’s running, maybe it’s a spin class, maybe it’s indoor rock-climbing. And then, by no fault of your own, you find yourself in a position where you can’t do it anymore. Then What?   When You’re Injured Getting injured sucks. Not only are you unable to do […]

Fit Mama Friday – Meet Zoe

My Fit Mama Friday today, Zoe, is happily married and the mama bear to two daughters, Angel One (her eldest) and Angel Two (her youngest). Living in rural Australia, to say Zoe and her family live in an isolated area would be an understatement. In fact, she has to drive more than 90 miles before […]

Fit Mama Friday – Meet Amy

Meet Amy I’ve known Amy Wagner Baird for just over 2 years. A full-time Associate Media Buyer at an ad agency in Chicago, Amy was a friend and client of my husband Fran. She reached out to me when Fran was very ill in hospital and became an enormous source of support and friendship from […]

Fit Mama Friday – Meet Saskia

Meet Saskia Meet a good friend of mine, Saskia Hancott, married to her high school sweetheart Michael and mum to 2 gorgeous boys, Cooper, 7 and Archie, 5. Saskia works 4 days a week teaching Chinese in an elementary school in Canberra, Australia. Despite several health setbacks throughout her 20s and during both her pregnancies, […]

Fit Mama Friday – Meet Emily K.

Meet Emily K. This week’s Fit Mama is Emily K, who definitely proves it is possible to choose a healthy lifestyle despite any and all obstacles. Emily reached out to me after a mutual friend contacted her about the Fit Mama Friday series. Our friend had noticed that Emily made fitness an important priority in […]

I survived taking a baby on a trip to Australia (but got sick and couldn’t work out)

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I haven’t posted for a while because we went to Australia for Roman’s first Christmas. I was so nervous about taking a baby on such a looooong flight, but was really looking forward to handing him over to grandparents so I could go work out, or run every day, […]

Exercise is Medicine

Exercise is an important component in the prevention of many serious diseases. Not a cure, not a treatment, but a preventative measure. Which diseases can exercise act as a preventative measure? Cardiovascular disease (the number one killer of Americans annually) Type II Diabetes High blood pressure (hypertension) High cholesterol (hyperlipidemia) Stroke Heart Attack (Myocardial infarction) […]