Be Well: Wellness Weekend at the Woodstock Inn

Woodstock, Vermont has been my home for just a few months now. It wasn’t a carefully researched, planned move, and honestly I had no idea whether it was the right decision. One thing that has made this move a positive one for me is the sense of community I’ve experienced in this town, and a […]

Favorite (FREE) Fitness Apps to Stay On Track and Motivated

Apps make life simpler. They’re like shortcuts for daily life. While staying fit and strong always requires hard work, at least we have apps to make tracking, motivating and pushing ourselves easier. I use a handful of fitness apps regularly and I thought it would be fun to give you a peek at what I […]

Green Blender Review (plus a discount!)

Along with the many other ways life is different when you move from NYC to Vermont, your blogging event opportunities get a little slimmer. When Green Blender, an NYC-based smoothie delivery business, contacted me about trying their service for review, I reluctantly wrote a “thanks, but no thanks” email, explaining my new location. I’ve been on […]

My Spring Style With prAna is Strong

Maybe you remember earlier this month, when I took part in the spring style with prAna and Fit Approach yoga Instagram challenge. I bent over backwards doing the laundry: I did the dancer in my living room: BUT – my everyday style has been lacking. I admit it. It’s been a whole lot of lounge wear (okay, […]

Baby Strong Workout Review

I couldn’t have been more excited to have had the opportunity to review the Baby Strong Workout, brainchild of personal trainer and mama Jennifer Johnson, through my partnership with Fit Approach. Ninety percent of my strength training these days is at home and given that Baby T is currently going through a super-clingy stage, a workout […]

Resistance Band Workout (and Perfect Bands Kit giveaway!)

Sometimes it’s all too easy to ditch your workout when it’s cold out; hot out; the gym’s too far away; you’re tired; you forgot your sneakers; or Mercury is in retrograde. And then when you’re home, it can be even easier to come up with an excuse – I mean, what can you do without […]

Tips for Winter Running Gear (plus a huge giveaway!)

When you move to Vermont in Autumn and sign up for a spring marathon, you expect a lot of your training is going to be in sub-zero temperatures, navigating ice patches, snow drifts and frostbite. Then, a crazy-mild winter happens and your coldest run is 32 degrees with a dusting of snow on the ground. […]

Sshh! The Baby’s Sleeping Living Room Workout

Gone are the days of working out at the gym, earbuds in, focusing on my form, the weights, how long I’ve been resting between sets. Now? I’m the queen of the living room workout and it’s usually timed perfectly for Baby T’s nap time. Big brother is usually ‘working out’ with me, or I might set […]

Timex Ironman ONE GPS+ Review

I remember not too long ago when the hard miles had a ‘7’ at the start of them. When everything felt right, when I was at the peak of my fitness, confidence and ability. It was back when I could sign up for a race at the last minute and feel like I had a […]

At Home Workouts – Grokker Review

A few weeks ago a friend came by to help me with the boys, so I could sneak out to the gym for a quick workout. I had the boys’ lunch made, I was dressed and ready to go, sneakers laced…then Baby T took one look at our kind friend’s face. Tears. Abundant tears. The […]